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Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Bureau of Environmental Remediation
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Project Code: C408970154Site Status:Active
Other Names: 2ND & QUINCY; 2ND & QUINCY
Address: 134 SE Quincy StCity:TOPEKA
Zip Code: 66603
County: SNRiver Basin: KS - Lower Republican
Latitude: 39.0569Longitude:-95.6689
Program Name: BER - Dry Cleaner RemediationProject Manager:Chris Wierman
Contaminants: Other (see Site Narrative), VOC

Environmental Use Control In Place ?   No
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Site Narrative:
A soil gas survey conducted at the former KTKA-TV facility on First and Monroe in Topeka detected the presence of PCE and TCE at the site. The site was placed on the CERCLIS.

A preliminary assessment was completed in 1996 and indicated that PCE and TCE was detected in groundwater samples from the former Montgomery Wards building and an industrial well at Hill's Pets Products.

An ESA was later conducted in 2002 utilizing Gore-Sorber module sampling and groundwater sampling. During the ESA, PCE was detected in Gore-Sorber modules placed on-site. In addition to soil gas, PCE and TCE was detected in groundwater samples from the shallow and deep zones at the site. TCE appears to extend north-northeast to the Kansas River. As part of an on-going investigation, monitoring wells were installed and groundwater sampled. Four sets of nested wells were installed near and downgradient of the source area. Soil and groundwater impacted with chlorinated solvents was detected at the site above the MCLs. The plume extended approximately 1,000 ft downgradient. Additional monitoring wells were installed to further define the plume. PCE and its degradation products were detected in the source wells.

A Source Investigation (SI) was conducted to define the extent of contamination in the soil. Findings from the investigation led KDHE to propose a remedial technology to address these concerns.

A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was developed for the use of ISCO to address the contaminants in the vadose zone. Sodium permanganate was the selected oxidant. An approximate 80% reduction in contaminate concentrations was realized at the site.

A CAP/CAWP was developed in 2009 for the excavation of contaminated soil using large diameter boring (6') equipment and placement of AS/SVE in the excavated boreholes.

In December 2019, the air sparge system compressor seized and the AS/SVE system shutdown. The system will remain shutdown until sufficient funding is available to fix/replace the system and restart operations. The final quarterly monitoring event, which occurred in spring 2020, indicated contamination may be rebounding now that the system has been off for several months. Preliminary results from the Fall 2020 event confirm that rebound is occuring. Options to repair and restart the remediation system are being evaluted.

Legal Description

Actions Completed
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
ASSESSMENTExpanded Site Assessment05/20/200205/20/2002
ASSESSMENTSupplemental Site Assessment Report08/23/200408/23/2004
INVESTIGATION Source Investigation06/30/200506/30/2005
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action Plan07/24/200607/24/2006
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action10/03/200610/03/2006
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action Report01/15/200701/15/2007
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remediation Evaluation Report07/02/200707/02/2007
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action11/10/200711/10/2007
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action Report01/09/200801/09/2008
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring05/09/201605/09/2016
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring08/01/201608/01/2016
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring08/01/201612/01/2016
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring10/01/201612/20/2016
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring10/01/201612/31/2016
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring08/01/201606/22/2017
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring08/30/201606/22/2017
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring04/01/201707/06/2017
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring10/24/201712/22/2017
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring06/22/201706/30/2018
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring06/29/201803/20/2020
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action09/13/2021 
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action12/21/2021 

Actions Underway
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
MASTER PROJECTMaster Project Details05/20/2002 
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring05/24/2004 
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring06/29/2021 
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring07/05/2023 
MONITORING Long Term Monitoring  

Actions Proposed
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
No Actions Proposed Information Found

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