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Project Code: C208700015Site Status:Active
CERCLIS Number: KSD007237241
Address: 3801 S OLIVERCity:WICHITA
Zip Code: 67220
County: SGRiver Basin: Lower Arkansas
Latitude: 37.62429Longitude:-97.28457
Program Name: BER - State CooperativeProject Manager:Moses Kosin
Contaminants: Heavy Metal, VOC

Environmental Use Control In Place ?   Yes

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Site Narrative:
The Boeing facility covers approximately to 1,127 acres in southeast Wichita, adjacent to and west of McConnell Air Force Base. The Boeing facility predates the 1940s and has been both a military and commercial aircraft manufacturing facility. Dozens of organic vapor degreasers have been and are currently in use. Trichloroethylene (TCE) is/was the predominant organic solvent and has been released into the environment at several locations on the Boeing facility. The most significant location of release emanates from the "Main building" where recessed vapor degreasers discharged TCE into leaking sub-grade sumps. Other contaminants of concern include TCE degradation products and chromium.

Boeing signed a Consent Order with KDHE in 1987 to investigate and remediate TCE (and associated degradation products). The Consent Order was amended twice. A Consent Order and Final Agreement (CAFO) was signed September 17, 2013. In addition, Boeing entered into an Environmental Remediation Agreement (ERA) with KDHE on September 17, 2013 for the 31st & Clifton Site thereby establishing this as a separate Site from the Boeing Wichita property.

Boeing has worked cooperatively with KDHE to address environmental impacts. Boeing has installed approximately 200 recovery wells, 200 monitoring wells and more than 100 additional soil borings. Boeing has installed a 300 feet long by 30 feet deep groundwater interceptor trench to recover off-site groundwater contamination immediately up-gradient of two springs (spring 4 and spring 5) and over a dozen air-strippers to remove TCE dissolved in groundwater which is discharged to the Arkansas River through a NPDES permit. The combined remedial systems have proven to be very effective at reducing the overall mass of TCE in groundwater. In addition to pump and treat, Boeing is performing dual-phase recovery by placing a vacuum on the groundwater extraction wells to remove TCE vapors in the vadose zone located above the groundwater.

Boeing has several areas at the Site where nano-scale zero-valent iron (NZVI) injection and accelerated bioremediation are being used to enhance mass removal of VOCs from groundwater. These projects were implemented in 2004 and still continue.

Boeing currently conducts monthly sampling of air stripper influent, NPDES outfalls, and index monitoring wells. Boeing also conducts semi-annual groundwater monitoring and reporting to KDHE to track the progress of plume containment and remediation related to TCE and chromium contamination. Boeing recently completed evaluating options for optimizing the recovery well and monitoring well networks for 2010 and in the future. A soil waste management plan was developed for the Site to assist in remediation efforts.

Boeing submitted a revised Feasibility Study (FS) for the Site which was approved in September 2011. A public meeting was held in July 2012 and comments were incorporated into the draft Corrective Action Decision (CAD). The Final CAD approved in February 2013. Continuing injection work at Plant II, Englewood, and 500 Ramp area is underway. Work on fuel related remediation is underway and soil will be remediated at the KDHE approved on-site fuel farm.

Revised semi-annual monitoring report with six-month progress report format developed and approved for the site as per the CAFO. Corrective Action Plan (CAP) approved September 2, 2014. EUC signed/recorded December 19, 2014.

Bioremediation continues at the Activity Center and 500 Ramp areas. Englewood area will be treated by pump and treat because bioremediation was not effective. Investigation near IWTP and Glickman area identifed additional sand zones that indicate potential source material. New remedial well was installed in fall 2016 near IWTP. SVE systems installed in KK-Aisle and Warehouse 2. Additional remedial infrastructure to be installed as permitted by work at the Spirit plant.

Legal Description

Actions Completed
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
EVALUATION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES Feasibility Study04/01/201004/01/2010
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source12/15/201012/15/2010
PUBLIC RELATIONS Public Notice07/02/201207/02/2012
PUBLIC RELATIONS Public Meeting07/11/201207/11/2012
PUBLIC RELATIONS Public Hearing07/11/201207/11/2012
PUBLIC RELATIONS Public Information Plan07/26/201207/26/2012
ASSESSMENTPhase II Assessment01/30/201301/30/2013
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source08/01/199202/26/2013
DECISION OF REMEDIAL ALTERNATIVES Corrective Action Decision02/26/201302/26/2013
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - downgradient10/01/200604/03/2013
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source04/12/201404/12/2014
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source04/30/201404/30/2014
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source09/01/201409/01/2014
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Corrective Action Plan09/02/201409/02/2014
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source10/01/201410/01/2014
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source01/09/201501/09/2015
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source10/03/201305/01/2015
INTERIM ACTION Interim Remedial Measure - source12/15/200306/02/2015
ASSESSMENTSupplemental Site Sampling09/01/201507/28/2016
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action10/05/201608/30/2016
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action09/01/201710/11/2017
ASSESSMENTSupplemental Sampling Assessment01/25/201801/25/2018
ASSESSMENTSupplemental Site Sampling10/19/201810/19/2018
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action10/23/201810/23/2018
ASSESSMENTSupplemental Sampling Assessment10/04/201804/26/2019

Actions Underway
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
MASTER PROJECTMaster Project Details08/01/199204/26/2019
POST CLEANUP REVIEW Five Year Review06/23/2018 
REMEDIAL DESIGN/ACTION Remedial Action09/29/2022 
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring10/03/2022 
MONITORING Monitoring10/05/2022 
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring10/06/2022 
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring10/06/2022 
MONITORING O&M/Performance Monitoring  

Actions Proposed
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
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